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Beautiful gifts for best friends

Exciting games in the park, secret missions in the garden and unforgettable nights out camping! Friendships shape us and the moments we experience together stay with us for a lifetime.

With our personalized books, best friends can embark on new adventures.


An adventure for two

In “A Tale of Two", two main characters can be personalized at once. The characters go on an adventurous book journey to Heidi, Mowgli, pirates, dinosaurs and unicorns. Will they find the best hiding place?

Age recommendation: 2 - 8 years


On a journey of discovery with a personalized hidden object book

In our European Search-and-Find book, you send a child on a train journey through Europe. Will they find themselves in every country? And what about the secret message you left behind?

Age recommendation: 2 - 7 years


Perfect for best friends

The same book - and yet different: in each country there are three places where the child could be hiding. Our magic computer selects the location at random. So if you buy the European Search-and-Find book for best friends, it's very unlikely that the two children will always be hiding in the same place. 

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Glowing five star reviews from our fantastic community

"GREAT story using the idea of classic books, a library, and FUN adventures for both characters! Our granddaughter (4) LOVED the part where she was hiding under the big leaf all along! Such a delightful book for TWO children ~ siblings or best friends. Looking forward to more!"

Shellie R. about the book "A Tale of Two"