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The perfect birthday gift

Looking for a birthday present that comes from the heart? Surprise the birthday boy or girl with a unique book that’s guaranteed to put a smile on their face. Here you'll find the perfect gift for all ages and create memories that will last a lifetime. 

Gifts for small and big children


A magical forest fairy tale

Join the main character in “The Tree, The Key & Me"" on a fairytale journey through an enchanted forest. Will they find out why the colors of the forest are disappearing and will they be able to save the forest before they’re all gone? 

Perfect for ages: 1 - 7

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Twice the fun!

Join the two main characters in “A Tale of Two"" on an adventurous, magical journey through books where they’ll meet Heidi, Mowgli, pirates, dinosaurs and unicorns. Will they find the best hiding place?

Perfect for ages: 2 - 8


For music lovers

Our book "My Fantabulous Orchestra" tells a wonderful story about the power of music and imagination. Choose an instrument and let your child play in their own orchestra.

Perfect for ages: 3 - 8


For World-wide adventurers

In our customizable Search-and-Find World book, children can search for themselves in ten countries around the world. Will they find the secret message you've hidden? A wonderful gift that inspires the joy of discovery in budding globetrotters! 

Perfect for ages: 2 - 7

For future schoolkids

Our book “Welcome to school" is an exciting story about school around the world. Beautifully illustrated by artists from Nepal, India, Jordan, South Africa, Vietnam and Honduras.

Perfect for ages: 4 - 8

Birthday presents for adults


For all Super-Dads

The book “Lost for Words" is about the special relationship between a father and their child. It shows the beautiful, happy and challenging moments of everyday life. The book is a unique birthday present that will bring tears to their eyes.


For the best Mom in the world

“A Love Like Ours" is a touching book about the special bond between Mother and child. The story tells in a heartwarming and humorous way how they experience adventures together and are always there for each other. 


The perfect birthday card

Discover our selection of birthday cards! Whether funny, emotional or simply pretty - you'll find the perfect card to match any birthday present.

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Glowing five star reviews from our fantastic community

"Bought this for my granddaughter's third birthday. She absolutely loves it, thrilled with finding herself on every page whilst getting to learn about different places around the world. Soon she will graduate to finding the hidden numbers to reveal the secret message, such a well thought out and put together product."

John A. about the book "My Search-and-Find World Trip"