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Unforgettable gifts for kids

Do you still remember your favorite gift as a child? It was probably something very special, something that touched and inspired you. With our personalized books, your child will see themselves as the hero in the story and experience adventures they'll never forget. Surprise them with these special gifts and give them an unforgettable reading experience.


A magical forest fairytale

Join the main character in our book “The Tree, The Key & Me" on a fairytale journey through the enchanted forest. Will he manage to save the forest before all the colors disappear?

 Perfect for ages: 1 - 7


A musical adventure

Our book "My Fantabulous Orchestra" tells a wonderful story about the power of music and imagination. Give your little one the chance to create their very own orchestra. They even get to choose which instrument they play! 

 Perfect for ages: 3 - 8


For a new school year

“Welcome to School" is an exciting story about school - with beautiful illustrations by artists from Nepal, India, Jordan, South Africa, Vietnam and Honduras.

Perfect for ages: 4-8


An adventure for two

Create a fantastical game of hide and seek in all kinds of books, meeting Heidi, Mowgli, pirates, unicorns, and dinosaurs along the way.

Perfect for ages: 2 - 8


A European adventure

In our European Search-and-Find Book, you send a child on a train journey through Europe. Can they find themselves in each country and a secret message left by you?

Perfect for ages: 2-7


A worldwide adventure

The perfect hidden object book for all little globetrotting explorers. Children can search for themselves in ten countries, but will they find the secret message you've hidden?

Perfect for ages: 2-7

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Glowing five star reviews from our fantastic community

"My kids loved the stories. They laughed and enjoyed the whole idea of the story being about them personally. It will be a sentimental thing they can look back on for years to come."

Jarryd B. about the books "My Search-and-Find World Trip" and "A Tale of Two"