The perfect gift for Mom

The love that mothers give to their children is incredibly special. A personalized gift is a wonderful way to say thank you and show how much you cherish this unique relationship. Check out our gift ideas and surprise mom with a book she will remember for a long time.


A special surprise for Mom

"A Love Like Ours" is a touching book about the special bond between mother and child. The story shows in a heartwarming and humorous way how they experience adventures together and are always there for each other. It's a book about all the unique moments that make the relationship between mother and child so special.


What can be personalized

With our fun online configurator, the name and appearance of both mother and child can be personalized, making the book a very special, unique gift. Both figures grow older throughout the course of the book.


A personalized greeting card for your Super-Mom

Our card for super moms is a lovely gesture to show your mom just how incredible you think she is. Design your card and choose whether you want to add a few personal words online or add them later by hand. The personalized card is a nice little gift that mom is sure to be delighted by.

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Glowing five star reviews from our fantastic community

"A Love Like Ours is a great story told through the eyes of a mother. It highlights the transition a child and mother go through with ups and downs. It's based on reality. Great job!"

David V. about the book "A Love like Ours"