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Gift ideas for a 1st communion

A child's 1st Communion is a very special milestone in a child's life. A day of joy and celebration on which the  child takes their first step into the adult world of the church.

With a personalized gift, you give them a tangible reminder of your love and support, a treasure they'll hold close to their heart for years to come.


An adventurous journey through books

Two main characters can be personalized in “A Tale of Two". In an adventurous game of hide and seek in a library, children discover the magical world of books. “A Tale of Two" is very popular with children and makes a lovely communion gift.


A book about the magic of music

Does the little one have a special passion for an instrument? Then our book “My Fantabulous Orchestra" is just the thing.  This book takes your child into the magical world of music. Choose an instrument and let the main character play along with lots of animals in their very own orchestra.


An exciting adventure with Globi

In our first Globi book, your child accompanies the popular Swiss children’s figure on an adventurous journey through Switzerland. Together they fly through the air in a pedalicopter and discover all kinds of new things. Globi has some funny ideas along the way. Design your Globi book now and send your child on a unique trip.

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Glowing five star reviews from our fantastic community

"LOVE this book. I purchased one for my little person, and another as a gift. The story is amusing and a joy to read over and over. Great flexibility in choosing the instruments of the character. The quality of the writing, illustrations and paper is beautiful. The personalised dedication page makes it even better. What a wonderful gift. Thanks Librio."

Abbey B. about the book "My Fantabulous Orchestra"