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Unique gifts for siblings

Who knows you better than your sibling? From playground buddies to confidantes, they've seen it all. A thoughtful gift can create a lasting memory, strengthening that special bond. Find the perfect present for your partner-in-crime - because shared joy is the best kind of joy. Explore our gift ideas for siblings!


Let's go on an adventurous journey through books!

Our book “A Tale of Two" is the perfect gift for siblings. Two main characters can be personalized at the same time. In an adventurous game of hide and seek in a library, children discover the magical world of books. 

Age recommendation: 2 - 8 years


A European Adventure

In our Europe Search-and-Find Book, a child travels across Europe by train. On vibrant pages full of adventure, they'll get to know many new countries. In the process, they don’t just search for themselves, but also a secret message from you. In this hidden object book, there are many places where the child can hide. If the siblings all have their own hidden object book, it is very unlikely that the children will always be hiding in the same place. 

Age recommendation: 2 - 7 years

Making learning together fun!

Our brand new picture dictionary is the perfect gift for siblings who want to learn a new language together. On a journey through the four seasons, they’ll learn lots of new words on every page. Our new picture dictionary is available in over 25 languages and is the perfect gift for language-loving children and little explorers. 

Age recommendation: 1 - 7 years


Flying high with Globi

How about a Globi book for each child? In our first Globi book, your child accompanies him on an adventurous journey through Switzerland. In our second Globi book, the child and Globi experience a fun and exciting adventure in the forest. The Globi books are a perfect gift for siblings. Use the code GLOBI15 to save 15% when you order our two Globi books together.

Age recommendation: 0 - 8 years

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Glowing five star reviews from our fantastic community

"Awesome personalized book! The story is super interesting, fun and meaningful for siblings or close friends. The book itself is made very well and the graphics are impressive. Overall, I am really happy and plan to purchase more in the future."

Mary B. about the book "A Tale of Two"