The perfect gift for Mother's Day

A mother’s love is something incredibly special. A personalised gift for Mother’s Day is a wonderful way to say thank you and show your mom how much you cherish her. Have a look through our recommendations and find the perfect gift for Mother’s Day!


A special surprise for Mum

"A Love Like Ours" is a touching book about the special bond between mother and child. In a heartwarming and humorous way this story shows how they experience the adventure of life, navigating all the highs and the lows together. It's a book about all those moments that make the relationship between mother and child so special. The perfect gift for Mother's Day!


What can be personalized?

With just a few clicks, the name and appearance of both characters can be personalized. This makes the book a special, unique gift for Mother's Day. Both characters grow older throughout the course of the book. You can also add your own personal dedication on the first page. The book is available in numerous languages and, like all Librio products, is produced as sustainably as possible.


A super card for your Super-Mom

Our card for super moms is a lovely gesture to tell your mom how much you love her. The personalized card is the perfect little surprise - guaranteed to bring a smile to her face.

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Glowing five star reviews from our fantastic community

"Absolutely beautiful book, me and my daughter share some really special moments while reading it, we were even moved to tears! It describes the ups and downs of mother-daughter relationship, the beautiful moments and the challenging ones, it’s really a treasure for us to keep forever!"

Barbara P. about the book "A Love Like Ours"